Our Charity

All Teens Matters came into being October 2010 and in the short time between October and Christmas enough donations were received to help 180 teens to receive a tree, dinner that had a turkey, ham, and all the fixings to complete dinner and most importantly Christmas presents which they got anywhere from 4-6 gifts each. The teens were chosen by the school counselors and teachers. The following year we helped 408 teens.

Our President and others learned that charities out there do not provide any gifts to teens over 14. Christmas doesn't stop just because you are ages 14 thru 18. In fact, not having the funds to have Christmas in this age group can be even more devastating if you factor in teenagers feelings of needing to fit in.

The purpose of All Teens Matter is to help provide a Christmas to low income, homeless high school students in our county ages 14 to 18. The need becomes greater and greater as the economic crisis continues. They receive a stocking, tree, 4 to 6 gifts, and even a complete dinner for their whole family.

Please consider donating as you can for Christmas to All Teens Matter to put a smile on a teen's face to send the message they are worthy and not forgotten by the community around them.